Olympia Carrier vs the Hydrogen Carrier

We are SO excited to announce our newest carrier, the Olympia! This has been our baby for almost 3 years. Designed by a babywearing educator and mother of 4 (me, hi!) with help from the hubby to make sure things really were as simple as I wanted them to be. Lots of prototypes, testing, and redesigning with the help of a mother of seven and fellow babywearing educator, has landed us with what we feel like is the *perfect carrier*. A carrier that can literally grow with your little one for years. One that takes a minimalist approach to adjustments, keeps excess fabric away from baby’s face, and automatically adjusts the seat with no in-between sizes (which is something so many families struggle with). We spent years listening to what you need, what you want, and what you struggle with. Olympia is our answer! It’s so special, we even have a pending patent on it. (What?! A childhood dream come true!!)

Let me walk you through what makes the Olympia so special, and how it compares to the Hydrogen. (Don’t worry, we still *LOVE* the Hydrogen. It won’t be going anywhere!)

Below: The Olympia on the left, the Hydrogen on the right. Certainly a different look, but kept as simple and sleek as possible. (I took the hoods off so you could see the carriers more easily. The Olympia has the same matching, detachable hood as the Hydrogen.)an Olives and Applesauce Olympia carrier laying next to an Olives & Applesauce Hydrogen

Let’s break it down a bit... You’ll notice the height adjusters near the bottom of the Olympia. This is where 1/2 of the magic happens. Simply pull down to shorten the panel, or lift up on the buckle to lengthen the panel. The extra fabric hides under baby’s bottom so it doesn’t become an asphyxiation risk (I am all about some safety!). You can even make adjustments to the height after putting the carrier on (perfect for those overnight growth spurts!). The Semi-circle “cut outs” on the sides are the rest of the magic. Maybe the real magic. That’s what allows the seat to automatically adjust to fit your child knee-to-knee each time (to get that perfect ergonomic fit). The fabric simply glides along the webbing as you lift the panel over your child’s back. No guessing, no Velcro, no snaps, no “fabric memory” keeping the seat too narrow. Almost hidden at the bottom are the deep seat darts we love so much. They allow a supportive fit for big kids without making the carrier so big it swallows *you* whole.Olives and Applesauce Olympia Carrier laid flat on the floor. The print, Cobblestone, is cut in an hourglass shape with navy twill semi-circle “cut outs” completing the panel. It has matching navy shoulders straps and waistband

Here we have the Hydrogen laying on top of the Olympia. We made the Olympia panel even bigger than our Hydrogen (while keeping in mind that we didn’t want the carrier so big that petite wears can’t use it). The waistbands are the same size, but the Olympia has thinner, less-structured padding. Why? We love floppy, minimal carries that cram in a bag but still give optimal support. The webbing attached to the body panel comes straight out on the Olympia instead of the angle of the Hydrogen, and the shoulder straps are almost 3” longer. Don’t worry though, they still cinch just as small if you need.An Olives and Applesauce Hydrogen carrier laying on top of an Olives and Applesauce Olympia carrier. The Olympia is slightly larger so it can be seen sticking out the top and sides.

Here is the close up of the difference in the shoulder straps. Longer PFAs to the rescue to make the Olympia a bit more size inclusive than the Hydrogen.The shoulders straps on an Olives and Applesauce Olympia carrier and Hydrogen carrier laying side by side. The Olympia has shoulder straps nearly 3” longer.

Since we have those fancy new height adjusters, we don’t need a harness or insert in the Olympia. This makes the Olympia a bit floppier and thinner. We use the same soft, breathable fabric on both carrier models. (Look at that extra fabric in the middle near the bottom, that’s the super deep seat. It’s what makes this carrier comfortable with my SIX year old!!)An Olives and Applesauce Olympia and Hydrogen carrier laying face down on the floor to compare the inside of the carrier. The Hydrogen has a visible infant harness built-in. The Olympia does not and is just solid Navy.

So, what does it look like with a child “in” it? These are both tiny IKEA dolls. It gives you an idea of the fit. The Olympia fits slightly smaller children (see how the carrier is lower on the doll’s neck on the Olympia?).A doll laying inside the harness of an Olives and Applesauce Hydrogen carrier, and a doll laying on top of an Olives and APplesauce Olympia cinched as small as it will go.

You’ll get a different fit with each carrier.Side by side comparison of the same mother wearing a newborn in an Olives & Applesauce Olympia and an Olives and Applesauce Hydrogen carrier

If you can’t tell, I am ECSTATIC about this new addition to our product line and I hope you are too!!

Want to see dimensions for each carrier and a comparison chart? Click here.

Want to see how each carrier works? Instructional videos are here

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